Zoysia Grass in San Antonio

Zoysia grass is widely known for its ability to stand up to heat, drought, heavy foot traffic, and other challenges, so if you are looking forward to planting Zoysia grass in San Antonio, contact the Texas Grass Company today. You can try taking care of your landscaping or planting Zoysia grass on your own but give up on most weekends. However, you can opt for better and fast results by calling your friends from Texas Gras Company.
We deliver and create stunning landscapes, including walkways, patios, and more made of Zoysia grass. Our experienced team will share sufficient knowledge about taking care of this grass. We’ve been producing and installing Zoysia grass across San Antonio for years. We’re proud to have many happy customers after supplying them with premium grass.
With our vast years of experience, you can guarantee that you will receive honest, reliable advice from a team of professionals specializing in choosing the suitable grass for your space when you work with us. We the leading grass farm in the region, supplying quality Zoysia grass. We cut and deliver our turf within 24 hours of harvest and deliver it at the agreed time. Trust us to provide quality Zoysia grass that will grow faster and perform excellently upon installation.

Benefits of Planting Zoysia Grass in San Antonio

Most people know this turfgrass as warm-season grass. That means its active growth starts in the warmth of late spring and peaks during hot summer weather. Also, the grass is well known for golf course fairways and tees since it makes the ball sit up high for an easy hit. Also, who wouldn’t prefer golf course-worthy grass on their lawn?
The best thing about planting Zoysia grass is:
It requires low water, and the maintenance requirements are limited since it needs very little input from you.
It’s warm-season grass with improved cold tolerance.
It’s suitable for southern and transition zones.
It is heat and drought resistant.
It prefers the sun but can tolerate some light shade.
It has a dense traffic tolerant growth.
Moreover, we share a few installation tips when you order your grass from us.
These include:
Install the grass as soon as possible.
Lay it on a bed of at least 150mm quality sandy loam or washed sand.
Irrigate the new lawn for at least 40mins every day for the first fourteen days.
After the first 14 days after installation, you can reduce irrigation to every second day for the next 14 days.

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