Delivery available with a forklift for San Antonio and Surrounding areas.

We are able to deliver smaller orders starting at 2 pallets and up.

Why Chose Texas Grass Company?

Texas Grass Company is a renowned company supplying varios grass types to residential and commercial property owners. We aim to provide property owners in Texas and nearby areas with quality turfgrass and exceptional services.

Local San Antonio Grass Company

We’re a local San Antonio grass company with a proven track record of supplying quality turf for residential and commercial landscaping applications. Our grass is ideal for any property owner that needs a low-maintenance and beautiful garden throughout the year. Our crew has helped many residential and commercial property owners establish beautiful yards in San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding areas. Trust us to supply quality grass that will transform your property and leave you with a tidy and neat-looking yard throughout the year.

As renowned local grass specialists, we have a vast portfolio of the best grass that suits many commercial and residential projects. Our grass thrives in different conditions with proper care. It’s also safe for humans and pets. 

Our quality grass supplies are ideal for gardens, poolsides, schools, exhibitions, golf courses, play areas, and other spaces. Even when unsure about the grass that could suit your application, our experts can guide you. Please call to discuss your grass requirements with our experts.

Since we have been in the industry for many years, we understand the local customers’ needs. Thus, we can help you pick the most appropriate grass for your commercial or residential property. And because we know our customers’ desire for variety, we work hard to cater to every customer’s grass needs. Share your grass requirements with us, and we will supply the best product for you.

Texas Grass Company is the Leading Supplier of Quality, Locally Sourced Grass In San Antonio

Our San Antonio grass supplies cater to commercial and residential property owners’ unique needs. We know that grass is a popular choice for boosting curb appeal in residential and commercial properties. Therefore, we supply high-quality, low-maintenance grass that caters to different customers’ needs across San Antonio. Be confident of getting grass that suits your working, living, and playing areas.

At Texas Grass Company, we have quality grass for sale in San Antonio, Texas. Our crew can advise you on the best grass to meet your needs. Also, you can ask our experts any questions about our grass supplies over the phone.

You can also view our quality grass selection in pictures and pick the best product for you with our experts’ assistance. Our experts can also advise you on where to use different grass types on your property. We will recommend the best grass for business establishments, homes, and other outdoor spaces. What’s more, our grass feels and looks fantastic throughout the year with little maintenance. Be confident you will love the new look of your yard after planting our grass.

Perhaps, the best thing about our grass is that it always looks fantastic in most places. Many people love relaxing in their yards after buying and planting our grass in their properties. You can also start transforming your property today by contacting us to inquire about the best grass for you.

Locally Source San Antonio Sod

We supply the best, locally sourced San Antonio sod for different applications. Our crew ensures that every customer gets the high-quality sod San Antonio businesses and homeowners are always proud of for years. What’s more, we sell our grass at the best price in San Antonio, Texas.

The unique Texas climate can make grass inconsistent, and we know what growing beautiful, and amazing-looking lawn takes. Therefore, we bring you high-quality, healthy, and affordable grass from the best local farms. Trust us to supply and help you plant top-notch grass that suits the local climate at an affordable price.

We have selected our grass supplies carefully to ensure they are adaptable to the local climate. Therefore, our locally sourced sod creates a beautiful garden that will look impressive throughout the year with law maintenance. And you can use our grass in different places in residential and commercial properties.

The possibilities of transforming your property with our locally sourced grass are endless. Our crew has helped many property owners achieve their dreams by professionally supplying beautiful grass. If you’re unsure whether you can give your property a better look with our sod, our experts are ready to help you. Contact us at any time, and our experts will help you create a property that suits your dreams with high-quality, locally sourced grass.

Best Grass for San Antonio

We’re a renowned company supplying the best grass for San Antonio Texans. We aim to solve all landscaping and grass issues for residential and commercial clients. Whether you need the best grass for your commercial establishment or backyard, we will help you achieve the appearance you need in any of your spaces.

We understand that the local weather conditions can sometimes be challenging. Our vast industry experience enables us to work with every client to create a stunning landscape that suits their needs. Even if you need grass for a high traffic area in your business premises, our experts will help you choose the best product. Trust us to create a landscape you will love with our quality grass.

Here's what you get when you choose our grass:

Affordable price for quality grass Timely delivery Total Solutions with brilliant results.

Custom grass that suits your unique needs. We do more than just sell grass for your property. Our crew will discuss your property’s unique needs before supplying the right grass. After delivering the grass and guiding you, we can provide ongoing support to ensure proper maintenance and growth of your lawn. We aim to transform your external area into a stunning space that will maintain a perfect look and feel throughout the year.

All orders are cut fresh daily at our farms.

Unlike some grass suppliers, all of our grass is available to our customers within 24 hours of it being cut.

Superior customer service.

Our goal is to educate our customers before the sale so that they are able to make the best decision for the type of turf that will meet their needs. We are also available outside of regular business hours to process orders.

Delivery available with a forklift for San Antonio and surrounding areas.

We are able to deliver smaller orders starting at 3 pallets and up.

Discount for Landscapers and multiple pallet orders.

We offer volumen pricing for landscaping businesses and large customer orders.

We are always eager to cater to the grass requirements of our clients.