Turf Grass in San Antonio

Choosing the right experts is very important when buying turf grass in San Antonio. Establishing healthy and beautiful lawns requires quality products. At Texas Grass Company, we focus on producing quality turfgrass for sale to residential and commercial clients. We believe in supplying every customer with the best grass for all their applications. Therefore, we work hard to produce top-notch grass varieties for different properties.

When selecting the turfgrass to plant on your property, we’re your right choice. What’s more, our experts will guide you through the installation and care for your turfgrass. Our expertise and extensive industry experience enable us to provide highly professional grass solutions to our customers. And we work tirelessly to introduce new environmentally friendly and sustainable grass varieties in the region. With us, you will work with the right team to establish your dream lawn.

Benefits of Our Turf Grass in San Antonio

Proper installation and care for turfgrass come with numerous benefits. Our grass affects the environment positively upon planting and establishment. Here’s how our turf grass will benefit your property and its surroundings.

  • Stabilizing the soil on your property
  • Reducing soil and wind erosion
  • Defending your property against weed encroachment
  • Our turfgrass traps dust and water
  • It filters toxins and water
  • This grass cools the environment with minimal cultivation

This grass benefits it upon installation rather than rob the soil of its nutrients. When you plant our turf grass, you’re like a person that has planted trees. However, this plant produces more oxygen and ties up the excess carbon that may harm the natural environment. Despite taking more water to establish itself, turfgrass requires less water in the long run with proper maintenance.

Best Turf Grass Varieties

We’re committed to supplying the best turfgrass varieties to residential and commercial property owners in the region. We have built lasting relationships with customers due to our commitment to quality products and excellent customer service. Our continuous efforts to surpass every customer’s expectations in service and materials have made us stand out in the industry.

When visiting us, some customers don’t know the best turf grass varieties for their properties. However, we educate them to ensure they choose and plant the right products for their businesses and homes based on their goals. We maintain communication after delivering our turfgrass and guide our customers through its installation and maintenance. Essentially, we help every customer get their dream lawn once they choose to work with us.

We use our vast land to produce different turfgrass varieties and cater to the needs of retail and wholesale customers. Some of the top grass varieties you can order from us include:

  • Zoysia grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • St. Augustine grass

We constantly focus on producing and supplying premium grass varieties. Our rates are reasonable, and we provide outstanding customer service. Whether it’s a new property or you want to replace your current grass, we’re the right team to work with on your project. Contact us now to get quality turf grass in San Antonio, Texas!