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Enriched Top Soil for Texas Sod

Our screened topsoil is specially formulated to give your new grass the nutrients it needs for fast root growth and long-term viability.  Unlike other topsoil mixes that may contain human waste bio sludge, our mix is an ideal blend of compost, sand, and dark topsoil.  In addition to new lawns, our enriched soil can be used for flowerpots and gardens as it helps to retain moisture, assists in seed germination and attracts desirable micro-organisms for optimal seed growth.

For new lawns, we recommend spreading 2” of our mix before laying grass.  That usually equates to about 2 yds per pallet of sod.  Use it for top dressing during the fall and spring to give your established grass an extra boost of nutrients.  You can either pick up the topsoil at our I-10 W location or we can deliver it to you for an extra charge. 

Using top soil will give your sod grass an excellent appearance. However, you need quality grass that suits your property’s conditions and your needs.

Here's what you get when you choose our

top soil contractor mix

**Recommended for new sod installations!**

Affordable price for quality top soil

Timely delivery to your location

Total solutions with quality results


Custom grass that suits your unique needs

A mixture of black topsoil, sand and compost.

Screened Contractors Mix



***(est: 450 sq ft per pallet)***
***Dates Vary By Availability***