Texas Grass Company in San Antonio

Welcome to Texas Grass Company in San Antonio, the only center of affordable, healthy, and stunning grass varieties. Creating a nice-looking compound is polite way of welcoming guests into your home. The beauty our grasses bring around your properties will surely give the occupants a reason to smile. We’re a leading grass company serving residential and commercial clients in San Antonio and its surroundings. Our landscaping team has extensive grass handling experience. It comprises highly dedicated experts, and we can assure you of a flawless finish. Working with us offers you a rare opportunity to plant the best performing grasses in your compound. 

We're are Committed to Making you Succeed

We’ve acquired perfection through years of extensive research, finding grass varieties suitable for Texas. We’ll give you only grasses produced in the San Antonio area. Our team understands the disadvantages of sourcing grass from distant regions. We don’t want to supply grass that will disappoint you but rejuvenate your properties’ aesthetic value. We produce all our supplies within Texas to increase survivability and minimize the post-planting adaptation period. It won’t take long before your newly planted grass catches up. 

Producing our grass around San Antonio city also enables faster deliveries, thus minimizing transport-associated damages. We provide delivery services for orders in the city, using our safe forklifts for all small package orders. However, even larger orders won’t take long to get to your location because we operate near the city.

Why Choose Texas Grass Company In San Antonio?

Purchase grass supplies from us because we’re the best. Remember, working with a leading provider comes with numerous benefits. For example, we will send a team to your location to inspect the compound and soil type. Upfront examination of your property enables us to plan the planting exercise properly. On the other hand, soil analysis will help us suggest the most suitable grass for your area. We don’t want to give you just anything because our primary focus is to provide the best. Our company is the ideal option due to the following reasons. 

  • We Supply Quality Grass: Our company prioritizes quality and supplies you with healthy and highly survivable grass. We cultivate all supplies locally. Therefore, our grasses don’t need a transition period after installation. The growth begins immediately to give your residential or commercial property the desired attractiveness. You can be assured of natural beauty, matching the samples our team will present to you.


  • We Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders: We’re the ideal option for anyone who wants to make bulk grass orders. Whether you’re a landscaping business or buying for personal use, you’ll enjoy some considerable discounts when you buy from us. Make your order today and save money for other projects.


  • We Have Multiple Varieties: At Texas Grass Company, we believe in diversifying because people have different tastes and preferences. We offer up to three different grass varieties, depending on your needs. The environmental conditions in your location also guide us on the appropriate variety to supply. For example, our Bermuda grass is drought resistant and won’t require intensive watering. 


Also available on the list is the Zoysia Grass. Zoysia is suitable for varied moisture, temperature, and lighting conditions. St. Augustine is the third option. It’s perfect for lawns and adapted to warm-seasons.  

Order your grass supplies from Texas grass company in San Antonio to fall in love with your property again. Our deliveries are timely and reach your location while still fresh and healthy. Get in touch with us for detailed information and further guidance.