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Texas Grass Company is here to provide you with superior sod in Shaven Park, Texas.Our customers trust our crew to deliver the best turf and leave them satisfied. We have been in the business of growing and selling sod for many years. And this has given us an edge over our competition, and we remain proud of our achievements.

Do you know that you can use our sod to develop beautiful lawns or spaces in residential and commercial areas? Whether you want to spruce up your small yard at home or create a fantastic golf course, we have the right solution. Moreover, we will work with you to ensure you get what you want.

Sod in Shaven Park, Texas

Superior Sod in Shaven Park

There are different types of sod grass that you can buy and plant in your compound in this area. Here are some of the best varieties that you will find.

Bermuda grass

This is one of the most popular varieties of sod. You may have come across it on sports fields or golf courses. One of the most outstanding qualities of this variety is using very little water. Therefore, this grass variety is a perfect choice if you are concerned about watering your grass. Additionally, it will self-repair when damaged because of trampling. And this makes it ideal for spaces with intense human movement or activity like a football field.

Buffalo grass

This is ideal for residential spaces. The variety is cheap to maintain and restores fast. Therefore, it is a perfect choice if you have kids or pets running around the lawn. Moreover, if you want sod that is resistant to diseases, you should go for buffalo grass.

Bella bluegrass

This is your ideal grass if you live in an area prone to drought conditions. With its high drought resistance, it does not need a lot of water. Moreover, it is a short variety that does not grow too long. And this means you don’t have to worry about mowing many times. It is a low-maintenance sod.

Zoysia grass

This variety is ideal for extreme weather conditions, including hot or cold areas. This characteristic makes it appropriate for almost any location. Additionally, alkaline environments do not affect it adversely. It is suitable for people living in coastal regions and spaces with high foot traffic.

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Installing sod in your lawn or other space has many benefits. First, since the grass is already grown, it is easy and fast to install. You don’t have to go through the long and tedious process of planting seeds and tending them until the grass grows. With sod grass, you can have your lawn covered within a day.

Second, installing turf enhances the value of your property. From improving the aesthetic value to the actual cost of the property, you won’t regret installing sod grass. Thanks to the grass, you can sell your property at a higher price after your lawn becomes a fantastic site.

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