St Augustine Grass in San Antonio

Texas Grass Company supplies quality St. Augustine grass in San Antonio. This grass does well in sunny and shady areas. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, this variety is not a hybrid-Bermuda grass. This plant has a blade width that is thicker than the hybrid-Bermuda grass. However, its texture is soft.

Perhaps its slower growth makes it ideal for property owners who need a low-maintenance plant. Upon establishment, this grass greens up, enabling property owners to enjoy its beautiful appearance during summer. Its regional names vary, but it grows in humid, warm areas.

Why Plant St. Augustine Grass in San Antonio?

Maybe you’ve seen many grass varieties and are unsure whether St. Augustine is your ideal choice. Perhaps, you love the green appearance of this grass after seeing it somewhere else. Our St. Augustine grass comes with several advantages over the other varieties. Here are reasons to consider this grass variety for your commercial or residential property.

  • It maintains its green appearance during drought
  • This grass endures wet conditions
  • It’s shade and heat tolerant
  • It can tolerate different pH levels
  • It can withstand moderate traffic
  • This grass can choke out weeds
  • Its fast post-winter green-up enables it to look amazing most of the time

We supply St. Augustine grass that develops faster forming dense leafy sods. Its stems branch from different nodes and can extend up to 50cm tall. Its glabrous leaves have blue-fray rounded blades. After establishment, you can use this grass for pasture, silage, or hay.

Our St. Augustine grass is ideal for covering the ground under trees or controlling erosion in the offshore areas with salt spray exposure. Many people prefer this grass for lawns in subtropical and tropical regions.

Get Quality St. Augustine Grass Today!

Texas Grass Company supplies high-quality St. Augustine grass to residential and commercial property owners. Our vast grass farm lets us produce this grass for sale in large quantities. Also, we supply different sub-varieties of this grass, including:

  • ProVista St. Augustine
  • Palmetto St. Augustine
  • Raley St. Augustine
  • CitraBlue St. Augustine
  • Floratam St. Augustine
  • Seville St. Augustine

Homeowners that love thick grass blades prefer this grass variety. This grass performs well with high elevations and soil salinity. What’s more, it has moderate maintenance levels and can compete against weeds. Additionally, this grass doesn’t require much mowing, and it faces threats from a few pests.

We deliver this grass to our customers’ yards in their preferred amounts. Whether you need St. Augustine grass for a large commercial property or a small amount for a small application, our crew will deliver it. What’s more, we can guide you through the installation and maintenance. We aim to ensure that you get St. Augustine grass that creates your dream lawn. Therefore, don’t settle for something you don’t love when we can supply this grass to you.

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