St Augustine Grass for Sale in San Antonio

Are you looking for St. Augustine grass for sale in San Antonio? If so, get in touch with Texas Grass Company. We supply salt-tolerant St. Augustine grass, suitable for humid and subtropical areas. Many people in Texas and the nearby regions plant this glass because it enables them to establish beautiful lawns. Its compact blue-green color and the ability to grow on different soil types make it one of the most preferred grass types.

Our St. Augustine grass sod is ideal for residential and commercial property and can thrive in dry and hot climates in San Antonio. Upon planting, this grass grows into tight and medium-leaf texture patterns, creating a thick, vibrant, and rich lawn. What’s more, our St. Augustine grass has straightforward maintenance and can withstand even harsh heat.

Its fast re-growth and creeping growth habit enable it to rebound faster from wear and establish quickly on new lawns. If your property receives high traffic, this grass refills the damaged areas faster due to its fast growth. This grass has a medium green color with a great appearance on small and large properties.

At Texas Grass Company, we deliver healthy, fresh St. Augustine grass sod to residential and commercial properties in the region. What’s more, we provide our grass when our customers need it. Call us, and our sod experts will be glad to help you.

Providing More than St. Augustine Grass for Sale in San Antonio

Establishing a beautiful lawn entails more than buying St. Augustine grass. Since this grass can thrive in heat, you can plant the sod, plugs, or seed in summer or late spring. After this grass has developed its roots, it can survive winter, but it requires establishing time. Frost can damage the new rooting system of this plant.

If you’re unsure about caring for your St. Augustine grass, our experts can help you. We have been in the grass-sod industry for many years. We focus on developing the best products for our customers in the region. If you order your St. Augustine grass from us, our experts will advise you accordingly to ensure proper installation and growth.

Here is what our experts recommend before and after planting your St. Augustine grass. 

  • Clear the old sod, grass, or weeds
  • Loosen the soil on the ground where you want to plant this grass
  • Water the soil before planting
  • Plant the plus or seeds or lay the sod
  • Spread fertilizer, compost, or mulch
  • Use compost or high nitrogen fertilizer

Keep the soil moist after planting the lawn, especially during the first week, to facilitate seed germination and root growth. Once your grass has grown, the watering frequency should depend on the climate. And if you need guidance on regular maintenance, our crew will help you. We will help you get your dream lawn upon buying your St. Augustine grass from us. Contact us for the best St. Augustine grass for sale in San Antonio, Texas!