Sod in San Antonio

Getting good quality sod in San Antonio could sometimes be quite a hustle. One proven way of getting the best sod is working with the best providers. Convenience and quality are some of the met expectations and bonus points all our customers love.

We value all our clients at our company, and we are happy to meet all your needs. When you buy sod for your garden, it is satisfying with instant lawn and gratification. Getting quality sod makes it even better because you will have it for the longest without experiencing any problems. You can get the sod in a variety of grass, and no need to worry about your preference.

Advantages of Installing Sod

Also known as turf, experts harvest sod with a thin layer of soil to facilitate its installation. It is easy to install sod because you don’t go through the initial stages of growing the grass from seeds. Here are the advantages of sod:

Requires less irrigation after installation

Newly installed sod should be watered at least twice a day for the first few weeks. Seeding requires watering several times a day, which is uneconomical and time-consuming after every few hours. With sod, you spend less time on it and cut on the water bill.

Prevents soil erosion

Sod comes as fully matured grass, and upon installation, it controls dust, soil erosion, and mud. It acts as a perfect filter for dust and dirt in your home. It covers all ground parts and doesn’t leave any bare holes.

Produces an instant lawn

The most popular merit of sod is that you don’t wait to enjoy a green yard because you get it right at installation. You can use your lawn for heavy activity after two weeks of planting, unlike the seed that takes up to 18 months, leaving your yard looking ugly and unsuitable for physical activity.

Professional farmers grow sod 

The Texas Grass company has a reputation for producing the best sods that give your garden a healthy and beautiful look. Getting your sod from professional farmers ensures you get good sod for your lawn, and they guide you at installation and maintenance.

Things to Consider when choosing Sod in San Antonio

It is straightforward and quick to lay sod into a lush green lawn. Prepping the yard and laying sod could take up your weekend but it beats waiting for months to plant seed grass and wait for it to mature. However, you should consider certain factors when choosing sod to guarantee its survival.

Thickness of sod

Quality sod should have a thickness of about 1 inch. Take a tape measure when choosing sod to ensure it meets the thickness requirements. If the sod does not meet the thickness, the roots might not develop enough. Thick roots are what you should bring home.

The dampness of the sod

Fresh sod should be damp when you touch it. It doesn’t have to be wet, but feel it’s moist when you run your hands in it. Choosing a sod is not rocket science as you will quickly tell a fresh one.

Rolled sod should have grass on the inside

When buying sod pieces, it is usually rolled with grass on the inner side in most cases. The dirt should be on the outside and grass on the inside to protect it during transportation. You should unroll the sod to check it’s healthy, green color, and not infested by weeds. Do not pick sod that is brown or yellow because it will not survive.

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