Sod in San Antonio

Whether you want it for residential or commercial property, Texas Grass Company offers you the best sod in San Antonio. You don’t want to imagine how you’d feel if you installed grasses that take time to catch up. You equally wouldn’t be happy with sod that can’t withstand the weather conditions in Texas. But don’t worry because we’re here to help you make the correct decisions. We don’t want to focus only on our income but also on your overall satisfaction with our turf. Through extensive research, we’ve identified grass varieties ideal for San Antonio and its surroundings.

How We Work

Succeeding with your landscaping project goes beyond watering. The success is a comprehensive process that starts with identifying the right sod supplier. Our company doesn’t take anything for granted and follows all the necessary steps to ensure your home gets the most appropriate grass type. For example, some sod varieties require more frequent watering than others. Additionally, some grasses can thrive in shade conditions, while others can’t.

The fact that the soil conditions in your compound may also differ from your neighbor complicates the idea even further. However, our professional grass experts understand all the requirements and will do everything to ensure you succeed. Once you’ve decided to source sod from us, we’ll immediately send our team to your location for a detailed inspection. They’ll determine the soil characteristics and show you the suitable grass varieties for your property. One of the things our clients like most is that we always deliver grasses similar to our samples.

Why We’re the Ideal Supplier of Sod in San Antonio

Becoming the best grass company calls for delivering top-notch quality consistently. The sod must be healthy and be able to adapt to your area quickly. At Texas Grass Company, we’re committed to supplying you with excellent turf varieties for impressive outcomes. We cultivate all our grasses in Texas to facilitate quick post-installation adaptation. Moreover, producing the sod locally, enables us to deliver your orders soonest. Following are some reasons to purchase grass from us. 

  • We’re Trustworthy: It’s rare to come across a company that always sticks to its promises. We’ve earned tremendous respect and trust from our clients because we’ve always accomplished their landscaping needs. This is why we’re boldly promising you superior quality sod for your upcoming landscaping project. 


  • We’re a Certified Grass Company: Our certification doesn’t end with the brand name. Instead, it extends to our unique operational practices and procedures, leading to the desired results. For instance, our team is a group of highly trained grass experts. We’ll guide you on how to take care of your turf even after planting it to maximize success. 


  • We Offer Superior Quality: Every grass leaving our cultivation centers has undergone extensive examination to ensure it’s perfect for your location. We supply sod that remains healthy throughout the year regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Our grasses are resistant to drought and require almost 40% less water than other varieties. 


  • Our Prices are Affordable: Choosing to purchase grass from our company is a step towards wise spending. We offer affordable prices and give discounts to bulk buyers. Our deliveries also get to your property faster than you can expect because we’re around the city. 

Installing the best grass in the backyard or lawn boosts your property’s value and beauty. Visit our website or give us a call today for affordable and healthy sod in San Antonio.