San Antonio Sod Company

Texas Grass Company is a San Antonio sod company that has developed a reputation for high-quality innovation and excellent services. In San Antonio, all our turf is grown on stone-free sandy loam soil. We aim to help property owners create their outdoor dream spaces. Whether you have a tiny courtyard in an urban area or a sprawling estate in the countryside, we can help you transform your patios, land, or garden.

Also, our professional and educated staff will inform you of the correct mowing and watering instructions to ensure you have the professional knowledge needed for proper aftercare and ensure lawn growth to perfection.

For convenience, expert lawn care services, and products, contact Texas Grass Company for a free analysis and estimate. We guarantee you a top-notch service, including professional assistance when choosing the sod grass to install on your property. Our friendly and professional staff won’t rest until you get the products you desire and install it on your yard.

The Number One San Antonio Sod Company

Working with us comes with tons of advantages because we will guide you to ensure proper site preparation, including leveling and clearing the area, preparing the soil, and laying a variety of grass cultivars.

Here’s why you should choose us: 

  • We have highly-skilled technicians with years of experience ready to guide you when selecting and installing your sod. 
  • We offer high-level services from ordering to delivery sod with expertise and realistic rates.
  • We have been in the sod grass industry for years, applying tested and proven methods in producing and growing grass.
  • Our experts will help you choose and install suitable grass depending on your soil and weather conditions.
  • We will guide you on the best maintenance practices to keep your grass looking amazing throughout the year.
  • We want to ensure that you and your family enjoy a healthy, lush lawn.

With all the reasons above, we go the extra mile to deliver high-quality grass and work with you to ensure that you achieve your desired results. We’ve earned our reputation for providing quality grass for various applications. Whether you need sod for your residential property, commercial establishment, school, or a hospital, our crew will guide you to choose and install suitable grass on your property. 

Talk to Us

Don’t struggle to find sod for your yard when we’re ready to help you. You can contact us via phone call or email. Our customer care representative is prepared to respond to your call or even guide you through the sod selection and installation process. 

Apart from providing a wide range of sod grass for sale in this region, we have the most reasonable rates for quality products. So, don’t hesitate to contact us thinking our products are expensive. Contact the Texas Grass Company if looking for a San Antonio sod company with the best products for sale at reasonable prices.