Daily Cut Grass Sod in
San Antonio & The Hill Country

Various Types of Grass in San Antonio

Finest Local-Grown Turf Grass

All of our grass is grown in farms located in Central and South Texas.

TifTuf is the most drought tolerant sod you can buy. This premium hybrid
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Because they can tolerate wide variations in temperature, sunlight and wáter, Zoysia turf grasses are widely used for lawns in temperate climates.
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St. Augustine grass is a warm-season lawn grass that is popular for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions.
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Our screened topsoil is specially formulated to give your new grass the nutrients it needs for fast root growth and long-term viability.
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***(est: 450 sq ft per pallet)***
***Dates Vary By Availability***

Quality Grass For Sale in San Antonio

Planting grass will give your lawn an excellent appearance. However, you need quality grass that suits your property’s conditions and your needs.

Why Choose Texas Grass Company?

All orders are cut fresh daily at our farms.

Unlike some grass suppliers, all of our grass is available to our customers within 24 hours of it being cut.

Superior customer service.

Our goal is to educate our customers before the sale so that they are able to make the best decision for the type of turf that will meet their needs. We are also available outside of regular business hours to process orders.

Delivery available with a forklift for San Antonio and surrounding areas.

We are able to deliver smaller orders starting at 3 pallets and up.

Discount for Landscapers and multiple pallet orders.

We offer volume pricing for landscaping businesses and large customer orders.