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Texas Grass Company has your back as a dedicated company providing high-quality sod in Kelly AFB, Texas, for commercial and residential properties. We provide only the best sod to our clients, ensuring they are happy with their evergreen and beautiful lawns. We never compromise on quality. That’s why we’re confident our sod is what you need.

Every property owner dreams of having a nice lawn. The aesthetic appeal that our high-quality sod provides is unmatched in the market. We have extensive hands-on experience and an understanding of our customers’ needs. That’s because we’ve been in the industry for years.

Geart Grass at the Best Price

Quality Sod in Kelly AFB Texas

We have the best in terms of sod for your specific needs. We offer various sods to meet our customers’ tastes and needs. Whether it is a golf course, a residential lawn, or a school, we have different types of grass to suit the specific landscape. Also, there’s no reason to worry about the effects of the weather because our sod can thrive in various conditions.

We prioritize our customer’s satisfaction, which is why we will walk with you all along. We commit to continue providing the necessary support after ordering sod from us. Our commitment does not end when we deliver the sod. It will continue even after you have the sod on your property.

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We are readily available for your sod needs in Kelly AFB, Texas. Our services extend to all parts of Texas. You have multiple reasons to get sod from us. Apart from our top-quality sod, we also have very competitive pricing. You will love our reasonably lower prices that other sellers cannot match.

Our sod is perfect for the local conditions in Texas. Through years of research and trials, we now have some of the most suitable sod that can withstand local weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about extreme high temperatures or sunlight causing harm to the sod. What’s more? You don’t have to move from your place to get the sod.

Our dedicated experts work tirelessly to ensure you get your order delivered to your place. You can request the delivery at your convenient time, whether in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. We plan and make the deliveries carefully to ensure the ordered sod arrives in the best condition.

You can place your order for sod in Kelly AFB, Texas, anytime. Just get in touch by calling us today. We will deliver the best quality sod you can ever get in the market today. And that is not all. Our sod is always fresh and delivered within the shortest time possible after receiving the request. Generally, we provide all customer requests within 24 hours. You can trust us to help you create beautiful lawns and spaces anytime. Contact us now!