Quality & Affordable Sod in Buena Vista Texas

Are you trying to revamp your home garden or field but don’t know where to find Quality & Affordable Sod in Buena Vista Texas? You have come to the right place. We at Texas Grass Company will supply you with quality and affordable grass for your space. Being a real agricultural innovator, many Texas residents consider TGS a household name. We have employed agricultural expertise in growing our grass to ensure we supply quality sod to all our customers. We have a wide variety of grass, making it possible to deliver residential and commercial properties. When you call us you can ask for photos to look at the types, we have to select your preferred choice.

All our grass types are affordable and easy to maintain; therefore, no need to worry. Ensure that you follow the instructions our experts give you during installation to ensure the sod grows healthy and beautiful.

Sod in Buena Vista Texas

We have customers in all Texas neighborhoods who have good reviews about our grass and customer service. We work hard to make our sod available to all property owners that want to bring instant beauty and health to their properties—our sod palettes aid in stabilizing the soil and creating a healthy ecosystem on your compound immediately.

At Texas Grass Company, we offer only high-quality grass and make it available at an affordable price. We collaborate with our customers to plan for quick delivery of their orders. Unlike other companies, we ensure that our customers get their sod delivered within 24 hours after harvest. We encourage our customers to install their sod immediately after delivery to maintain its health and give it a good start of growth. Our sod is very healthy and high quality in that you can start to use it within a few days of installation.

Buena Vista Texas Sod Maintenance

Although our grass varieties are low maintenance, they will still need some care to maintain their beauty and health. Ensure that you follow all watering instructions after installation and throughout the year. Before you order our sod, ensure that you have a plan and that the lawn is adequately prepared and ready for the sod. Before choosing a particular sod from us, consider the use and how much traffic it will experience only to take high traffic grass.

Our grass can withstand the various Texas seasons throughout the year and, therefore, can sustain you all year round. We swiftly respond when you contact us to book an appointment or make an order. Our crew is well trained and instilled with exemplary customer service to efficiently serve all our customers, leaving them satisfied. We serve all our customers to the best of our ability; it doesn’t matter if you are a first-time customer.

Apart from calling us to order our grass products or make an inquiry, you can also buy the sod online through our website. You can always reach us during our operation hours. We understand that finding a reputable supplier of sod in Buena Vista, Texas, is not easy. Now that you found us, do not hesitate to order sod from us.