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Do you need Healthy Sod in Canyon Lake, Tx? If so, call us today. The residents of this region can now smile because Texas Grass Company offers the best grass for various uses. We’re glad to be part of the team that will transform your home into a stunning modern residential property. We deliver superior quality sod, and everyone is happy with the results.

Our crew is a team of highly trained grass cultivation enthusiasts. Every team member knows what can please a dedicated homeowner like yourself. Purchasing sod from us means buying freshly cut grass that will perform effectively. Moreover, we supply grass varieties according to the environmental conditions in your location. And this improves survivability and minimizes recurrent costs.

Visit our company for turf varieties that will give your gardens and poolsides an elegant look throughout the year. Don’t worry about the weather in Texas. Our experts have extensively researched and identified grasses that can survive in the Canyon Lake area and its surroundings. We confidently promise more brilliant and nice-looking compounds if you plant grass from our company.

Sod in Canyon Lake, Texas

Buying grass from anyone is risky because you may spend more money than you should. So, the best approach is to identify a certified supplier. Reputable turf suppliers like the Texas Grass Company understand all the soil requirements for each grass type. 

Such companies will adequately guide you on matters like pre-planting soil preparations. In addition, professional grass companies will tell you how to take care of your grass after planting to ensure more refined outcomes. Here are the critical reasons to buy only certified grass. 

High Survivability 

Yes, you don’t want to spend recurrently just because your newly planted turf couldn’t grow. The best option is to purchase certified varieties because experts have tasted and found them fit for your location. Please give us the opportunity so we can prove our excellence by action. Our company leads in supplying locally-grown sod that doesn’t take long to catch up after planting. 

Charming Outcomes 

Who doesn’t want their property to look more attractive and stand out from the rest? That’s why you need to plant only expert-proven turf to elevate the beauty of your compound and make your home more livable. Our grass company has been delivering healthy and custom grass varieties to people living in Canyon Lake, Texas. We’ll do everything to give your backyard a brand new refreshing look. 

Expert Guidance 

Most certified grass supplies come from professional companies with excellent reputations. Apart from selling the best turf available, professional agencies will guide you accordingly and ensure you succeed in transforming your property’s look. Fortunately, we’re always ready to offer expert advice to help you plant and water your sod appropriately. 

Canyon Lake, Texas Sod Care

Planting grass requires immense know-how to ensure they begin growing fast and survive afterward. The first thing to do is proper topsoil preparation. Ensure the soil surface is loose enough and water it adequately before planting. Also, you should add correct amounts of all the recommended fertilizers and nutrients before laying the grass on the surface.

Please start watering your grass immediately after planting them to speed up root development. Regular watering is necessary because it keeps your sod healthy and attractive. Limited water supply will make your turf wilt and dry up, thus compromising its beauty.

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