Zoysia Grass

Because they can tolerate wide variations in temperature, sunlight, and water, zoysia turf grasses are widely used for lawns in temperate climates. They are used on golf courses to create fairways and teeing areas. Zoysia grasses stop erosion on slopes and are excellent at repelling weeds throughout the year.

Most people know Zoysia grass for its fantastic ability to withstand drought, heat, heavy traffic, and other challenges. When growing optimally, this grass is beautiful and dense. What’s more, it requires little input from lawn owners. But whether this grass is suitable for your property depends on your lawn care goal, where you live,and how you use the lawn. At Texas Grass Company, we have qualified experts ready to help you plant and maintain this grass on your compound.

If you want to have lush grass that will tolerate high foot traffic and drought without requiring a lot of fertilizer, this grass is ideal for you. And you can plant it any time between late spring and the beginning of summer. Compared to other grasses, Zoysia takes time to establish itself. However, its blades grow from light to medium green once it matures, turning brown or straw-like in color during winter.

Benefits of Zoysia Grass

Many homeowners and golf course owners love this grass. Most people love this grass because of its low maintenance. Zoysia grass is an aggressively spreading grass that chokes weeds that may compete for nutrients. It’s also pleasant on the feet and eyes. Also, it has a delicate, soft texture and grows naturally. Here are its primary benefits.

If you notice a thicker, greener, and more luxurious lawn, it’s probably Zoysia grass that’s on that compound. As the leading grass company in San Antonio, Texas, we bring you the best Zoysia grass for your residential or commercial establishment.


It’s a warm-season grass with better cold tolerance


It can tolerate drough and heat

It prefers sun but also tolerates light shade

It has low maintenance and water requirements

It's traffic-tolerant and grows densely

Zoysia Grass Types

Some people call Zeon Zoysia barefoot grass because it’s fine-bladed grass with soft, cushion-like, and beautiful turf. This grass has attributes found in the Zoysia family, like withstanding shades and full sun. Also, it performs better will less water because of its unique roof system.

Despite being a high-quality turf, Zeon’s blade size is similar to Bermuda’s and mainly grows in shadier parts of many homes. We have supplied this grass type to many residential and commercial clients. Trust us to help you plant and grow this beautiful grass on your property without hassles.

This Zoysia grass has medium blades and is popular among homeowners in Texas because of its visually appealing look and versatility. Its leaf blades are minor than Bermunda’s and St. Augustine’s. Nevertheless, this grass performs better in different soil types and lawn environments.

Also, it performs better in shades than most warm-season grasses. However, this grass requires adequate sunlight to thrive. Palisades Zoysia develops an extensive root system that allows for exceptional drought tolerance with proper maintenance. It also gets a dense green turf with time. And we can supply and help you plant this grass in your compound. Our experts will also advise you on maintaining your grass to ensure its vigorous and healthy growth.

Plant Zoysia Grass with Experts’ Help

Apart from its attractiveness, Zoysia grass is a warm-season variety, meaning it grows during summer, spring, and early fall. After that, it becomes dormant during winter. Also, it’s an ideal grass to grow in humid and warm climates. Nevertheless, Zoysia can survive in places with decreased direct sunlight.

Thus, Zoysia is also ideal for homes and business establishments with shaded areas. It can grow into a thick, nice lawn in such places. Also, this grass is denser than most grass varieties. Therefore, it can help with preventing unsightly weeds. Its density makes it a good choice for property owners that love running around playing games on their lawns.

But to enjoy the full benefits of Zoysia grass, you need the help of the best grass company. At the Texas Grass Company, we have the best experts ready to help you establish an excellent zoysia grass lawn. We supply high-quality zoysia grass and help our customers develop their yards.

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