St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season lawn grass that is popular for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a medium- to high-maintenance grass that forms a thick, carpetlike sod, crowding out most weeds and other grasses.

Texas Grass Company is the firm to call when looking for quality St. Augustine grass. Also called Charleston grass, this coarse-textured and spreading grass suits most warmer regions in the United States. Fall freezes can turn this grass brown, but it’s slow to green in spring. This turfgrass is the least cold-tolerant. Nevertheless, caring for this grass is easy, and it retains its dark-green color with little maintenance. Its natural density and resilience make it an excellent option for many property owners.

If looking for quality grass for your lawn, this option could be ideal for your property. It can withstand scorching sun during summer and tolerate the full sunlight. Also, this grass is shade tolerant. And these traits enable it to make healthy lawn care and landscaping a low-maintenance activity than with less adaptable and less hardy glass.

While residential and property owners have other varieties to choose from, the St. Augustine lawn is unique due to its resilience and vibrant, dark blue-green color. It also creates dense and thick coarse turf that stops weed growth. Thus, many property owners prefer it over Zoysia and Bermuda grass.

Characteristics of St. Augustine Grass


It's a versatile grass for commercial and residential use


Better cold and drought resistance

It prefers sun but also tolerates shade

It requires moderate fertilization and irrigation

It's traffic-tolerant and grows densely

St. Augustine Grass Types

Most people consider Raleigh St. Augustine turf ideal for the southern region. Its cold resistance and hardiness make it one of the widely distributed turfs in Texas. It has dense growth coverage and can choke out weeds with consistent watering. Also, this grass exhibits the ability to grow under trees. However, it requires sufficient sunlight to thrive.

This grass has been the St. Augustine’s standard for decades. It’s also an economic grass variety, exhibiting dense growth that chokes the unnecessary weeds with proper maintenance. It’s best for organic, heavier, clay soils with low-to-medium soil pH. Our crew can help you establish a vigorous, textured lawn with this grass.

Floratam St. Augustine is a variety of this grass, an upgrade over Raleigh St. Augustine. This variety performs better in cold, drought, heat, and shade. Also, it tolerates fungus better, with more color retention even after freezes.

Many people identify this grass as the top performer. At the Texas Grass Company, we supply and install this variety to residential and commercial property owners at affordable prices.

This grass is the densest and finest bladed of all grass types. If you’re looking for turf with a more refined texture and better color, this option is ideal for you. It’s a versatile grass for commercial and residential use. Contact us to discuss your St. Augustine grass needs today.

Why Choose St. Augustine Grass?

Unlike other warm-season turfs, St. Augustine can tolerate shades and produce high-quality turf grass in places where other varieties don’t grow. However, this grass needs moderate fertilization and irrigation. What’s more, you can plant this grass in different soils, though it does better in fertile and well-drained soils.

This grass remains green longer during fall after frost. And it’s normal for this grass to stay green in mid-winter when growing under trees and in protected areas. Although this grass may not thrive in high-traffic areas, its dense turf can withstand regular foot traffic. Thus, it’s an ideal option for a backyard lawn.

And it’s the dense turf that makes it weed resistant. Its unusual tolerance to salt is perhaps, its defining characteristic. Therefore, you can plant this grass in a coastal region. St. Augustine turf requires general maintenance and watering. But with proper care, this grass will give your property a great appearance.

Order St. Augustine Turf Today!

Many homeowners have considered St. Augustine turf the standard for grass for a long time. Some even call it the carpet grass. And we’re ready to help you establish a beautiful lush-green lawn with this grass variety. Our St. Augustine turf is versatile and highly tolerant to cold, intense shade, heat, drought, and frost, making it suitable for various applications. Whether you need grass for a recreational venue, business, or home, our crew will work with you to give your place the best appearance.

St. Augustine sod requires moderate fertilizing and mowing. Contact Texas Grass Company if you’re looking for a dependable supplier of quality St. Augustine turf. Our experience and knowledge in the grass industry make us the best grass supplier in San Antonio and nearby areas. We charge reasonable prices for quality, locally grown sod.

What’s more, we will guide you through the planting and maintenance processes after supplying St. Augustine grass. We aim to help every property owner maintain a beautiful, healthy-looking lawn throughout the year. We’ve established long relationships with residential and commercial property owners by catering to their grass needs over the years. Contact us to discuss your St. Augustine grass requirements with the best industry experts.