Bermuda Grass

TifTuf certified Bermuda Grass is the new name is drought resistant turf grass! TifTuf takes 38% less water than other bermudagrasses, is shade tolerant, drought resistant, recovers quickly, and has early spring green-up. TifTuf is a favorite among both homeowners and commercial landscapers.

Most people value Bermuda grass for its excellent drought and heat tolerance. Also, this grass withstands heavy use while recuperating faster. Such properties make this grass a popular option for lawn owners in San Antonio, Texas, and the surrounding areas. At Texas Grass Company, we supply and plant this grass in residential and commercial properties. Contact us if you want to plant and grow this grass on your compound. We guarantee you products that will thrive and keep your lawn beautiful throughout the year with little maintenance.

This grass is native to subtropical and tropical states and countries. It’s a perennial warm-season grass. Therefore, it comes back each year at a suitable climate. Also, it grows actively in late spring and hot summer. Nevertheless, we can guide you to help you keep your grass growing beautifully and vigorously throughout the year.

Compared to cool-season grass or warm-season Zoysia, this grass is sensitive to cold. Its inability to tolerate low temperatures limits it to some places. Nevertheless, many property owners love this grass due to its beautiful appearancein their compounds. And we supply and install the two main types of Bermuda grass.

Characteristics of Bermuda Grass


It adapts to different climates and soils.


It has a high drought, wears, and salt tolerance

It can endure heavy use, recuperating faster than other grasses

It requires sufficient sun

Bermuda Grass Types

Celebration Bermuda has a dense turf and blue-green color. It looks stunning with proper careand maintenance. This grass has a mass appeal in sports fields and home lawns due to its fantastic recovery ability and drought tolerance.

It’s also common in parks, homes, and commercial sports venues. This grass is an ideal option for you if you’re looking for a variety with exceptional recovery, durability, beautiful color, and softness.

419 Tifway is the hybrid Bermuda turf produced for the first time at the University of Georgia’s Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. Over the years, this grass has become widely distributed and popular warm-season turf in various parts of the United States. It’s also a widely planted grass in Texas.

This grass is full sun, fine-bladed with soft, dense turf with consistent mowing. And this property makes it a popular option for home lawns and sporting applications. The demand for this grass has increased significantly as property owners seek grass with high drought tolerance. Bermuda is the most economical grass, especially when you don’t have sufficient irrigation water.

Why Choose Bermuda Grass?

Many property owners choose this grass due to its fast growth rate. After proper planting, this grass spreads its above-ground stems or stolons and below-ground stems or rhizomes. But its aggressive growth can make containing it difficult. However, it also enables it to endure heavy use, recuperating faster than other grasses. Consequently, many people prefer this grass for golf courses, athletic fields, and golf fairways.

Bermuda stays green during winter in frost-free climates. However, it is brown and dormant during winter in most areas. Its dormancy starts earlier, lasting longer than its alternatives, like Bahia grass and Zoysia.

Overall, this grass variety produces medium green, vigorous and dense turf, adapted to different climates and soils. It has an exceptional drought, wears, and salt tolerance. What’s more, it establishes faster and can out-compete other weed species.

Let The Grass Experts Help You

Every lawn is different. For instance, you could have more shade than your neighbor. The soil on your property could have unique qualities to your neighbor’s. Therefore, working with grass experts is the best way to determine whether Bermuda turf grass is ideal for your property.

This grass is ideal for you if you have adequate time to mow your lawn, or you can hire somebody to do it. Also, this grass requires sufficient sun. Therefore, it may not be suitable for you if your lawn has a lot of shade. Nevertheless, our agronomists will work with you to develop and execute an effective lawn plan for your yard.

Bermuda grass grows in transition, sub-tropical, and tropical zones. It’s ideal for pastures, coastal areas, parks, reclamation areas, sports arenas and fields, golf courses, and lawns. It grows in more than 100 countries in subtropical and tropical regions.

We aim to provide property owners in San Antonio, Texas, and nearby areas with quality turfgrass and necessary assistance. Our grass experts are eager to discuss your grass needs with you and supply top-notch turf to your home or commercial establishment. Also, you can contact us at any time to inquire about our products or place an order. Our prices are reasonable, and we exceed every customer’s expectations when they order Bermuda turfgrass from us.

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