Grass Sod in San Antonio

Texas Grass Company provides top-quality grass sod in San Antonio. We’re a local sod farm that has taken the time to refine grass formula to help families and businesses establish beautiful lawns. Our grass sod comprises the latest, premium varieties that provide year-round color with easy maintenance. What’s more, we supply water-smart grass that can thrive even in hot weather. Also, our grass is drought tolerant and disease resistant.

We harvest our grass sod and deliver it to businesses, homeowners, and landscapers in the region. And we have done this for years while providing highly competitive prices. Our grass sod is available in retail and wholesale. That means we can cater to all your grass-sod requirements regardless of your lawn size.

Once you plant our grass sod, it can withstand active pet and children traffic. Also, using our grass sod will enable you to establish a beautiful lawn faster. We harvest and deliver our grass sod daily. That means you will get high-quality sod that will look great upon growing it on your property.

Guaranteed Quality Grass Sod in San Antonio

We’re committed to offering high-quality products to our customers. With an experience of many years in the industry, growing and helping customers install fresh sod, we want to know our customers and help them get their dream lawns.

Our crew has the necessary experience and knowledge about sod, and our priority is ensuring that every customer gets quality products. And we guarantee every customer quality grass sod, regardless of their lawn size. What’s more, we will help you throughout once you order our grass sod. We make every customer’s experience with us as seamless as possible.

Why Choose Our San Antonio Grass Sod?

Texas Grass Company wants you to get a product you will be proud of for many years. Here’s why you should invest in our San Antonio grass sod.

  • Fresh sod from local farms: We have perfected our grass for the local lawns over the years. We cut our sod to order from local farms and deliver it to our customers. That means we guarantee you fresh products whenever you place an order with us. Be confident that we will provide your grass sod right at your backyard or lawn at the agreed time.
  • Competitive pricing: We sell freshly cut sod at reasonable prices. With our products, you get lower prices than what big-box retailers offer. Please allow us to help you get your dream lawn at an affordable price.
  • Guaranteed excellence: We have a customer service department and delivery experts that work around the clock to ensure that our clients get their grass sod on time. Trust us to deliver your grass sod and provide all the assistance you need to plant it.
  • Industry professionals: Our crew comprises the most skilled and experienced sod industry experts. These professionals have vast experience cutting, growing, and maintaining grass to ensure its perfect appearance and health.

We have many years of sod experience and lawn care. Trust us to provide the best grass sod in San Antonio once you place an order with us. Contact us today!