Grass for Sale in San Antonio

Many companies offer grass for sale in San Antonio, but nothing comes close to what the Texas Grass Company provides. We sell top-notch grass that maintains a gorgeous and realistic appearance. Also, we have the best standard of installation techniques backed by decades of experience in the field. The type of grass we sell is suitable for a range of applications which include: 

  • Playground grass and park grass
  • Golf and putting greens
  • Gyms and agility spaces
  • Sports field turf
  • Pet grass and a place for your dog to run
  • Rooftop and patio gardens

Whatever you desire, our company is going to sell exactly that. We have installation services that include drainage networks under the turf and a graded gravel base to provide long-term stability. We also offer specialty infill products to help alleviate odors from pest wastes and antimicrobial-coated products to reduce the opportunities for fungal or bacteria growth within the turf.

 Once you pick your preferred choice of grass, we will take care of the rest and deliver your grass on time. In most cases, we take 24 hours to drop the grass at your place and guide a customer throughout the installation process. For larger projects, we complete them quickly with unmatched precision. 

Your Number One Source of Grass for Sale in San Antonio

We work with different customers, including the following: 

  • Landscapers
  • Architects
  • Garden designers
  • Homeowners
  • Developers

We understand that the grass industry is competitive, and it’s difficult for the customer to decide which company to trust with their landscaping requirements. That is why the Texas Grass Company is here. We deliver reliable and quality products that make your property stand out in your neighborhood from the rest. Our grass has a warranty, meaning you can contact us if dissatisfied with our products.

As a client of ours, getting artificial grass from us comes with lots of advantages which include;

  • Enjoy year-round perfection because it looks great every day, especially when you are away or during the drought season. 
  • Requires low maintenance practices yet maintains an impressive appearance.
  • It is dog and child friendly.
  • It is easy to plant and grows faster.

 A nice yard does far more than make a home look nicer in San Antonio because our company will raise the property value of your home. And we will help you choose the most appropriate grass depending on your budget and goals. 

Talk to our Professionals Today

We’re ready to give you a free quote or schedule a consultative meeting. We have free grass samples that we show to our clients before buying from us. Our services are the most affordable in San Antonio, and our customer care team is always on standby waiting for your call. Texas Grass Company offers bespoke, premium professional services if you are looking for grass for sale in San Antonio. Contact us now!