Grass Farm in San Antonio

Working with the best grass farm in San Antonio will help you establish your dream lawn. At Texas Grass Company, we sell high-quality grass sod to residential and commercial property owners. We’re a local firm that focuses on providing premium grass varieties to our customers. Our crew has harnessed agricultural expertise over the years, enabling us to offer different types of healthy, beautiful grasses to businesses and homeowners.

Whether you want to plant grass during your landscaping project or change the current grass on your property, our crew will help you. We supply top-notch grass varieties that withstand high traffic, drought, and pests. Our grass thrives during most seasons, meaning your property will maintain a beautiful appearance throughout the year after planting our grass.

Get the Right Variety from Our Grass Farm in San Antonio

We have the largest grass farm in the region, enabling us to handle even large commercial orders. Our commitment to quality and the ultimate satisfaction of every customer has made us the leading grass company in this region. Every property is unique, and our goal is to ensure that every customer gets the grass variety that suits their application. Among the grass varieties that you can get from our farm include:

  • Bermuda grass
  • St. Augustine grass
  • Zoysia grass

These varieties have their sub-varieties, and you can get them by placing an order with us. We’re known for supplying a wide array of quality grass with outstanding customer service. So, even if you don’t know how to plant your grass or the best way to care for your plants after planting, our crew can help you.

Dependable San Antonio Grass Farm

We’re a reliable farm that ensures that every commercial or residential customer has the grass they need for their properties. Our farm will help you establish a beautiful and healthy lawn on your property regardless of its size. We have worked with property owners, contractors, and landscapers to ensure they get quality grass on their properties. What’s more, our grass products can help with soil stabilization and create a healthy ecosystem.

Texas Grass Company offers the highest quality sod grass at competitive prices. Additionally, we work with our customers to arrange convenient and quick delivery for all orders. After delivery, we can also guide you through the installation process. If you have concerns or questions, our accessible and friendly staff will address them. We make establishing beautiful lawns easier for residential and commercial clients. Trust us to supply quality grass and guide you through its establishment into your dream lawn.

Shop with Us for All Your Grass Needs!

We have the best grass varieties for sale in San Antonio, Texas. What’s more, we do more than deliver our grass products. Our expertise and vast hands-on experience in the grass industry enable us to guide our customers through the selection and installation process. We will cater to all your needs, whether replacing your current grass or planting it for the first time.

Contact us to work with the best grass farm in San Antonio in creating your dream lawn!