Buy High-Quality Sod in Spring Branch, Texas

If you need the best sod in Spring Branch, Texas, you should work with the best in the industry. Texas Grass Company is the leading sod grass seller around Texas. When you choose us, we will ensure that you are a satisfied customer by providing the grass that suits you perfectly.

For many years, we have been the most trusted choice for customers who need good quality grass for their residential or commercial landscaping. With our established trust, we will ensure that you get instant gratification when you use one or more of the varieties of sod that we grow and sell. Ultimately, we value every customer and are always glad to work with them.

Sod in Spring Branch, Texas

So, you’ve decided to install sod in your Spring Branch yard. But how do you install it after placing an order with us? Here’s a quick guide for installing our turf in your yard.

  • Preparing the soil – The first step is to prepare the ground in the yard by using a rototiller to loosen the topsoil. You then spread a thin layer of compost and some sand. Mix the elements until you get a good mixture.
  • Leveling the yard – Use a rake or any other tool to flatten the ground in the yard. Leveling is vital to ensure no parts are sticking out.
  • Laying the sod – Choose a starting point to start rolling out the turf. You roll out as you move back and ensure that the turf lays flat and firm against the prepared yard. Continue rolling out the rows of turf like you would lay bricks without space between them or overlapping. Use a knife to trim the turfs to fit in well.
  • Watering – Water the installed grass thoroughly at first. The water will help in ensuring it settles well and starts to grow. Water continuously for the first week and reduce the watering frequency in the subsequent weeks. You may not need to water the grass if it rains.
  • Fertilizing the grass – Feed the newly installed sod with starter fertilizer after about four weeks. And this will help in nourishing the grass with the necessary nutrients for growth and stability.

Buy Your Spring Branch Sod Now!

You can buy the best sod from Texas Grass Company, a renowned grower and seller of various locally grown and available grass. You will choose the best type of sod grass with us, depending on your preferences and soil type. Our team of experts will also be ready to help with advice if needed. The team has a wealth of experience with landscaping.

You can order your sod in Spring Branch, Texas, immediately. All you need to do is to call our office telephone number, and someone will be waiting on the other side to take your order. You can trust us to deliver your order within 24 hours to ensure you get the freshest grass. Our dedicated grass experts will ensure that you get your order of the best quality and even help with installation and maintenance in the future.