Rework the place you want to install the grass and break up the clumps before installing it. Also, wet the area lightly to cool the soil before installing the grass. And this is particularly important when installing the grass during summer. Nevertheless, don’t make the ground too wet because a muddy surface can inhibit the creation of a manageable work area.

Same-Day Installation

Upon receiving the grass, our experts recommend complete installation and watering the same day. If you leave the sod stacked on its pallets, it could get stressed. Therefore, lay the grass the same day and water it within 12 hours.

Planting the Grass

Install the grass by lining up the first sod row along a straight line like a fence or sidewalk. If your yard doesn’t have a straight line, you can use a string between two stakes. Lay the subsequent rows in brickwork fashion.

Water the Grass Immediately

Keep the grass moist while laying it down. Also, water the grass after installing around 200 square feet by turning on your irrigation system or misting it with your garden hose. The grass requires water daily and immediately after installation.