You may notice things that may concern you on the delivery day. Here are some of the grass concerns that most customers have on the day of delivery.


Exposure to the elements during transportation may discolor some of the grass. Since grass is a living thing, the discoloration can also happen after harvesting. Yard condition, weather, and temperature can also cause discoloration. But yellowing is not a sign of unhealthy grass. You can avoid discoloration by installing the grass and watering it promptly.

Curling Sod and Blade

Blade curling can cause misidentification. Moisture loss can cause blade curling, folding, or shrinking. Also, high ambient temperatures can cause this problem. Prompt installation and deep watering can solve this problem.

Misshapen and Ripped Blocks

Environmental factors can make some blocks imperfect. Also, the harvesting equipment blades can dull quicker faster when the harvest volume is too high.

Our experts will resolve all concerns you might have on the delivery day. We ensure your ultimate satisfaction with our grass before leaving.