Once you receive your grass, install it immediately to ensure a healthy establishment. Ideally, plant the grass on the delivery day because if it sits on the pallets for too long, it will stress and struggle to grow after installation.

More exposure to the elements makes the grass blocks on the top layers dry out after stressing more. Therefore, we add extra pallets to compensate for that. Also, we recommend giving the stressed grass blocks extra attention, especially watering and planting them in less visible locations.

Some Pieces Won’t Be Perfect

Some of the pieces could be misshapen, have exposed roots, have different soil depth, or be challenging to install. And that’s normal. Therefore, don’t lay all your sod and start watering it immediately. But even the misshapen pieces will eventually take roof after planting them in moist, loose soil.

Delivery Day Tips

To ensure successful delivery and planting, try these tips:

  • Prepare extra top-soil
  • Don’t use Dillo dirt or compost
  • Use a landscaping rake to loosen the topsoil before planting the grass
  • Document your concerns using photos
  • Don’t treat new grass or topsoil with fast-release or high-nitrogen fertilizers
  • Prepare the driveway for faster drop off