Our experts recommend assessing the yard’s layout and conditions before planting grass. Ideally, inspect your yard properly before ordering the material or preparing the ground to install the sod. If you don’ plan, prepare the yard or select the suitable grass variety, you could end up with unhealthy or unsuccessful sod establishment.


Develop a specific plan based on your yard conditions. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of under or over-ordering grass. Also, planning helps you complete your project on time and eliminate unnecessary and costly errors.

Pick the Right Variety

All our grasses are of the highest quality. However, some do better in some places than others. Therefore, choose a grass that will perform better in your yard depending on its characteristics. Our experts can help you choose the most suitable grass for your application.

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Understand the Requirements

Research what it takes to plant and maintain grass before starting. Also, get everything ready before buying and growing your grass. That way, you can avoid starting the project and stopping along the way.

Execute the Plan

Well-defined plan execution will enhance the grass performance and project efficiency. Your grass will thrive and become the lawn you’ve always wanted by performing all maintenance practices.