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Texas Grass Company offers top-quality sod in Randolph AFB, Texas.So, if you are looking for a grass company to install grass sod on your lawn, do not hesitate to contact us. There are many grass-sod installation companies in Texas. However, not all of them know how to install new properties correctly. These companies will not follow the correct procedure for installing sod grass in your yard because they will throw the new sod down on the ground on top of the old grass. 

But, we don’t throw the new sod on the ground on top of the old grass. Instead, our company has the proper process for installing sod. We will kill the existing grass or weeds, till the ground with professional machinery, ground preparation and leveling, and a lot more. Essentially, we ensure correct sod installation once you order our products and seek assistance.

Our company provides professional and unparalleled expertise and high-quality turf grass for residential and commercial properties. However, choosing the suitable grass for your property can sometimes be frustrating and confusing due to the variety available. Some types of grasses will tolerate shade or drought more than others. 

Nevertheless, our professional experts will advise and help you determine the type of grass that suits your lawn best. Here at our company, we only use freshly cut sod that is weed-free that will be harvested and delivered to your premises on time. Essentially, we guarantee sod delivery within 24 hours.

Sod in Randolph AFB, Texas

Top-Quality Sod in Randolph AFB

There are a lot of advantages that homeowners enjoy from installing a sod lawn over other planting methods such as springing. You should contact Texas Grass Company to help establish that lawn.

Once you install a sod lawn at your premises, you will only irrigate it less frequently since it requires less watering. For the first weeks, water your newly planted sod regularly. 

Our company helps you install fully mature sod grass, which helps prevent erosion. As a result, our grass sod is a quick and excellent filter of dirt and dust from your home.

What’s more, sod produces an instant lawn. Hence, you will not have to wait to be able to enjoy a gorgeous green yard. Soon after we install your sod grass, you can use your lawn for playing or entertaining.

During the installation of sod grass, the pieces fit tightly together to get a lush-even lawn. In the end, there will be zero spots in the yard that will require extra work. 

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Texas Grass Company is always at your service to ensure that you have a fantastic and beautiful lawn at your home or work premises. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with our professionals today. We’re always ready to provide the bestsod in Randolph AFB, Texas. Contact us today!