Buy High-Quality Sod in Selma, Texas

For quality, durable and Superior Sod in Selma, Texasyou should contact Texas Grass Company. None of the companies that sell grass products in this region comes close to what our company offers. Our turf does not fade and will maintain its realistic appearance all year round. 

Also, we have the best standard of installation techniques backed by decades of experience in the field. The type of grass we sell is for a wide range of applications which include:

  • Gyms and agility spaces
  • Sports field turf
  • Pet grass and a place for your dog to run
  • Playground grass and park grass
  • Rooftop and patio gardens

As a result, whatever you desire, our company is going to sell exactly that. Nevertheless, if you have a home improvement project, we will ensure that your experience is fantastic. 

Our company puts extra effort into the delivery and care of our sod. As the leading sod suppliers in the region, we provide our customers with great products on time and every time. When installing the sod at your premises, we will ensure that the area is prepped with new topsoil, ensure that it is tilled and levelled so we can install the new sod. 

We deliver and create stunning landscapes, including walkways, patios and more made of our grass. Our highly experienced staff team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to producing and installing sod grass at your work or home premises across Texas. We pride ourselves on providing happy clients with premium instant turf grass. As a result, when you work with us, you are guaranteed to receive honest and reliable advice from a team of professionals specializing in choosing the suitable grass for your space. 

Sod in Selma, Texas

Superior Sod in Selma

When you decide to work with us, and we come to install the grass, our professionals ensure that they consider a few installation tips, which include:

We will install the grass as soon as possible. For the first fourteen days, we ensure we irrigate the new lawn for at least forty minutes daily.

After the first fourteen days following the installation, you can reduce irrigation to every second day for the next fourteen days. We help you lay the grass on the bed for at least 150mm quality sandy loam or washed sand.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should lay sod to create a beautiful lifetime lawn. Sod helps protect your water by absorbing rainfall and recharging the groundwater base. Our sod grass is clean and safe, creating a good surface for children and pets.

Also, installing our sod helps you to benefit from enjoying some good and fresh air. That is because our helps cool the air.

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Transform your yard with high-quality sod from experts. Texas Grass Company is ready to supply your preferred grass variety and guide you through installation. We offer the healthiestsod in Selma, Texas, and our crew will provide all the support you need. Contact us to order your sod today!