Buy Quality & Healthy Sod in Kingsbury, Texas

Texas Grass Company offers healthy sod in Kingsbury, Texas. Our company is the best choice if you wish to transform your lawn. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted grass providers in Kingsbury, Texas. Whether your yard has started to look derelict or you are looking for something new, our company has got you covered. Our team of professionals knows a lot about grass and the suitable grass for homes in Texas. 

Our landscaping and gardening design is the key to creating an outdoor area experience you can enjoy with your friends and family. Moreover, our professional and educated staff educates you with the correct mowing and watering instructions. Ultimately, you will have the professional knowledge needed for proper aftercare and ensure perfect lawn growth. 

Additionally, we can help you with the following lawn care services and treatments:

  • Lawn dressing and composting
  • Disease control
  • Insect control
  • Weed control
  • Seasonal specific fertilizer
  • Seasonal maintenance program
  • Aeration

As a result, for convenient, expert lawn care services and products, do not hesitate to contact Texas Grass Company. Also, thanks to the rich soils of the Texas Coast, our grass farms produce consistently blue-ribbon quality grass of all different varieties. Nevertheless, we then harvest and deliver top-notch grass across the state to homes in Kingsbury, Texas. 

Sod in Kingsbury, Texas

Besides our grass being healthy and beautiful, it also comes at a competitive price point, and we can fulfill orders of all sizes. More so, relying on our company and inventory of grass sod comes with advantages such as:

You get a chance to work with qualified professionals with acres of experience in the grass industry. In the end, our professionals can answer all your questions and concerns you might have regarding our grass sod. 

Also, we will advise you on the type of grass that best suits your lawn and backyard space. You will have a chance to consult with our staff who will advise you accordingly.

Another advantage is you will enjoy competitive pricing. We sell freshly cut sod at reasonable prices, whereby with our products, you get lower prices than what giant retailers offer. So, allow us to help you get your dream lawn and backyard at an affordable price. 

Lastly, you will enjoy guaranteed excellence. Our customer service department and experts work round the clock to ensure that our clients get their grass sod on time. Therefore, trust us to deliver your grass sod on time and provide all the assistance you need. What’s more, we will not only meet your desired expectations but also exceed them. 

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Texas Grass Company is a reliable and reputable sod supplier. You can contact us via our mobile phone number or email. We will be pleased to work with you and ensure that your lawn and backyard are more comfortable for your friends and family. Please get in touch with us for top-notch grass sod in Kingsbury, Texas.