Buy Healthy Sod in Converse, Texas

Planting quality Healthy Sod in Converse Texas is the most valuable care you can provide to your property. Every homeowner dreams of making their compound green and elegant. Texas Grass Company is a highly advanced sod company with solid experience cultivating various grass varieties across Texas State. 

So, if you’re a property owner that wants turf that can perform well around Converse, your answer is right here. Welcome to our company, where your satisfaction is the only priority we acknowledge. Choose to work with a company that will always be there for you whenever you need any help.

Following our simple guidelines, you can avoid mistakes and adopt the correct grass care and maintenance practices. We’re constantly researching and developing newer and better sod varieties to meet the highly dynamic market demands. Importantly, we’re continually working to discover more efficient grass cultivation techniques. This way, we help you to cut costs significantly but still achieve your expectations at the end of the day.

Sod in Converse, Texas?

Our sod company has established the grass varieties ideal for Texas weather and soil conditions with many years in operation. We arrived at our conclusions after numerous trial and error projects. Our facility can’t be thankful enough for the excellent work the research team has always done. For instance, our clients enjoy the best outcomes all over Converse because of their unrivaled commitment. Some of the most recommended grass varieties in the area include the following.


Augustine grass is available for sale at all our outlets. St. Augustine grass is a game changer because it can eliminate other grasses and kill weeds. Also, this grass is suitable for lawns and tolerates a warm climate. 

TifTuf Bermuda 

Choose TifTuf Bermuda grass and stop worrying about pet damages because it’s highly tolerant and resistant to them. Additionally, Bermuda sod requires up to 38℅ less water than most other grass varieties. And this is also the ideal sod type for your busy walkways because of its great endurance for heavy usage.


If you’re looking for a sod type that can withstand wide temperature variations, then Zoysia is the way to go. You can plant it on golf courses, lawns, and pool sides. Another impressive thing about Zoysia grass is its excellent anti-soil erosion capabilities. Conserve the topsoil in your compound by planting this sod variety. Additionally, Zoysia can withstand drought and kill weeds, thus ensuring consistent beauty.

Converse, Texas Sod Care

Buying healthy sod from the best supplier in Converse isn’t all. You must conduct all the grass care and maintenance practices properly to obtain what you want. Before planting anything else, you’ll want to ensure the surface is uniformly leveled and compact. That’s where sod rolling comes in. You must roll the area at least three times to ensure excellent aeration and root development. 

The next big thing you want to do is water your newly planted grass. The watering frequency will vary depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Hot and dry seasons call for more frequent watering than wet ones.

Avoid trial and error by buying excellent sod in Converse, Texas, for your residential or commercial lawns. At Texas Grass Company, we always deliver our promises. Call our line today or send us an email, and join other property owners in celebrating splendid results.