Buy Quality Sod in Universal City, Texas

Getting quality Sod in Universal City Texas is now effortless because we offer everything that will meet your landscaping demands. Texas Grass Company boasts vast experience in cultivating various grass varieties.

Our grasses grow well in Texas and surrounding areas because we produce them locally. Moreover, our company has a richly diverse sod portfolio. Therefore, you can choose the kind of grass you want, and we’ll be glad to guide you accordingly whenever necessary.

We’re the ideal landscaping contractor for property owners seeking to restore the beauty of their homes or commercial buildings. Working with us is stress-free because we always do our job to perfection. We want to save you time by delivering your sod orders on the same day.

Welcome to the only Universal City sod company that prioritizes your satisfaction. We’re delighted because our landscaping experts always do their best to transform your compound. Moreover, we have enough grass ready for delivery all year round. So there’ll be no problem even if you make a bulk order. You only need to call our line so we can discuss your project in detail.

Grass Company in Universal City, Texas

There’s no more trial and error in Universal City and surrounding areas. Our grass company offers sod varieties specifically modified to thrive in Texas weather. So, please allow us to make your lawn shine throughout the year. We have various sod types ideal for any landscaping project, which will simplify your work when ordering grass for your next project.

Are you tired of planting poolside grasses that barely survive? Or are you wondering about where to get sod for your walkways? Well, thank God you’ve finally come to the right place. Texas Grass Company supplies sod customized for various purposes. Even if you want grass that won’t affect your pets, we’re ready to take you through the journey.

We establish lasting professional relationships with our clients to ensure we’re always there whenever they need us. Your case won’t be different if you choose our sod company for your upcoming project. Grab this rare opportunity today and work with a professional landscaping team.

We're The Ideal Universal City Grass Supplier

Getting to the top isn’t a mere self-proclamation. Instead, it comes from consistently serving customers with respect and care. That’s what we’ve been doing for years. And today, we’re glad to be why every homeowner falls in love with their property again. Our company is the most preferred Universal City sod supplier because: 


  • We keep our promises.
  • We have an incredibly diverse sod portfolio
  • Our expert crew guides you throughout the whole process
  • We optimize our sods for various weather conditions
  • We supply only healthy and fresh sod
  • We offer competitive prices.

Please work with us on your next landscaping project and avoid being the odd one out. Texas Grass Company guarantees you perfection, affordability, and timely delivery. Order the best sod in Universal City, Texas, today and feel the real difference.