Best Type of Grass for San Antonio

Perhaps, you landed on this page after searching for the best type of grass for San Antonio, TX, online. Luckily, you’ve found the right supplier of the best grass type for your San Antonio lawn. At Texas Grass Company, we know a thing or two about what kind of grass will thrive in the Lone Star State’s hot and humid climate.

Different types of grass do well in San Antonio, but our top pick is Bermuda grass. This versatile grass is heat-tolerant and drought-resistant, making it ideal for the often challenging conditions found in San Antonio. Bermuda grass is also known for standing up to foot traffic, so it’s an excellent choice for residential properties with kids and pets.

Alternatives for the Best Type of Grass for San Antonio TX

If you don’t like Bermuda grass, you can consider several alternatives. For instance, if you’re looking for turfgrass to give your lawn a luxurious look, Zoysia grass is a great option. This grass type has a fine texture and forms a dense, thick lawn. Zoysia grass is also relatively drought-resistant and does well in both sun and shade. The only downside to Zoysia grass is that it’s a bit more expensive than other types of turfgrass.

You can’t go wrong with St. Augustine grass for a low-maintenance lawn. This grass type is very tolerant of heat and drought and requires little fertilization or watering after establishment. St. Augustine grass is also one of the few types of turfgrass that will thrive in shady areas. The only downside to St. Augustine grass is that it’s susceptible to damage from chinch bugs.

If you’re looking for grass native to Texas, look no further than Buffalo grass. This type of grass is very drought-resistant and does well in hot, sunny conditions. Buffalo grass is also one of the most low-maintenance types of turfgrass, making it an excellent choice for busy homeowners. The only downside to Buffalo grass is that it doesn’t do well in shady areas.

Get Quality Grass from Texas Grass Company

We’re the leading grass specialists in San Antonio, Texas, with years of supplying quality grass to our customers in the region. We produce top-notch grass products for residential and commercial applications. Our experts work relentlessly to create quality grass for the local climate and soil conditions. Once you order your grass from us, we deliver a variety that will perform better on your property. Additionally, we share planting tips to ensure faster establishment.

No matter what grass variety you choose for your San Antonio lawn, our experts will help you get the best results. We will supply fresh grass products and guide you through the installation. Our ongoing support will help you perform the best regular maintenance to ensure your grass’s healthy and vigorous growth.

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