Bermuda Grass in San Antonio

Most people desire Bermuda grass in San Antonio for their lawns due to its ability to withstand drought and remain green throughout the year. Bermuda has a reputation for its ability to withstand heavy use and the capability to recuperate quickly.

Texas Grass Company has many experts who can help you achieve the look you desire for your lawn by planting and maintaining the grass for you. And this is ideal if you want grass that can remain green throughout the year and provide honest service to humankind by preventing erosion. The best planting seasons for Bermuda grass are early summer and late spring.

Advantages of planting Bermuda grass in San Antonio

Many people prefer Bermuda grass for compounds because of its tolerance and diverse uses as turf in lawns, playgrounds, golf courses, and other purposes. Bermuda also acts as a good soil cover against erosion. Also, this grass provides hay and pasture to livestock in the tropical and subtropical parts. Bermuda flourishes magnificently and is hardly attacked by weeds as it dominates and naturally chokes out the weeds. It is dense, attractive, and easy to grow under the right conditions. It has a harsh nature and can quickly spread, covering the ground. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It is drought tolerant: The grass grows best with fair amounts of rainfall and can withstand and survive during dry conditions. It produces seeds that help it to regrow during the dry periods.
  • Durability: The plant has a durable variety, and people use it on compounds that undergo much footwork, such as sports fields and golf courses, and it quickly bounces back and tolerates compaction.
  • Reasonably resistant to pests: Unlike some types of grass, Bermuda can withstand attacks from various problems in low populations in the right conditions. However, when the number of pests is high, you might consider using pesticides.

Whenever you come across an attractive, dense lawn, it might be Bermuda grass on that golf course or playground. We are the best grass company in Texas and bring the best quality to your residential or commercial establishment.

Bermuda Grass Types

Many property owners love Bermuda grass due to its beautiful appearance on compounds. At Texas Grass Company, we supply and install two significant types of Bermuda grass.

419 Tifway

The University of Georgia coastal plain experiment first produced this hybrid Bermuda turf. It has grown more popular and widely distributed warm-season turf across the United States, including Texas. Tifway is full sun grass, soft with dense turf, making it famous for home lawns and sports. It is an economical type of grass, and its demand has increased due to its drought-resistant properties.

Celebration Bermuda

Celebration Bermuda possesses a blue-green color and a dense turf that looks presentable with proper care and maintenance. It is common in homes and parks and an ideal alternative when looking for something with good recovery, attractive color, soft and durable.

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